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Bomma Cullet

about bomma cullet

An exceptional material designed and created by Czech glass masters for the most diverse needs – from glass blowing to hot casting. Extremely clear, long working, lead free glass that is ideal for melting in studio furnaces everywhere.

Bomma is excited to provide this material in hopes that it's consistent high quality and availability will meet the needs in terms of its workability through a multitude of artistic applications, and its availability for consistent production purposes as well.



bomma cullet features

  • low melting temperature
  • compatibility with Reichenbach Colors, Kugler Colors and other manufacturers
  • COE of approximately 96
  • available in 25kg or 1t bags

The lower melting temperature and the 100% yield are crucial factors for anyone's operating budget.

Bomma products are being blown side by side with the production of our Bomma cullet. Thanks to such a constant control we are absolutely sure that we will deliver glass of the premium and invariable features. The high quality is important to us as it will be for our customers.



To achieve the perfect result, we strongly recommend to melt our Cullet in a brand new crucible or tank liner. A thoroughly “washed” crucible or tank may still produce cords or other inconsistencies in the firsts melts of our Cullet, due to residue remaining from former glasses.


interested in bomma cullet?

Download bomma cullet manual here and learn more technical information. 

If you need any further information please contact us at




bomma cullet-pacinek

“Bomma glass is exactly what I like for my work. You can immediately tell its qualities and that it was developed for glass artists. I had the opportunity to try it at Bomma factory and I am definitely going to use it also in my own glass studio. Truly highly recommended.”

Jiří Pačinek
glass artist


bomma cullet - janecky


"For me, this glass has all the characteristics,
that I need for my work; long, torch, friendly, forgiving. Two thumbs up."

Martin Janecký
glass artist

Bomma Cullet Reference by glass manufacturer Syse Glas


"I've been using Bomma Cullet since October 2019 and I'm very happy. The quality of the glass is super and I find it easy to work with. It also works well with my colours that I buy from Kügler Colors. Their service is the absolute best. I absolutely recommend Bomma Cullet!"


Syse Glas
glass artist

„I enjoy the glass very much and I think it is the best quality blowing glass I have used in my 40 years of glass blowing. Thanks for making such a great product. I look forward to making more beautiful things with it.“


Peter Raos
glass artist

Bomma Cullet Fluid Recommendation

„We’ve been using Bomma Cullets since 2020 and the  quality is what we expected for our production. Extra clear  white, no toxic emanation. A good base to play on and  create nice pieces! We truly recommend Bomma Cullet."


 glass artists


Bomma Cullets - high quality glass semi product

our clients & partners

Bomma Cullets - high quality glass semi product
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